I've won business over competing firms because of where Xvand puts me in the technology world. It has allowed me to focus on something other than systems and information technology.
Ken Klingensmith, CEO Health Associates
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Have a few more questions?

As an innovator and industry-leader, we're used to answering questions on how IsUtility® helps you break free from the restraints of traditional IT. We hope the following FAQs help shed further light on what sets IsUtility® apart - and what will ultimately separate you from your competitors.


What do you mean by "entire IT system" delivered?
I'm a CEO who doesn't understand or care about IT, why should I get involved?
Wouldn't it  be more expensive to have a third party to do what  already do in house?
Can I get the benefits of IsUtility® from other IT solutions?
I already have an IT infrastructure, why should I switch?
Will I lose any control or decision making power with IsUtility®?
I like the idea of Fortune-500 hardware, but what if I'm comfortable with the software I have?
How quickly can I get IsUtility® fully-implemented?


How much does  IsUtility® cost?
How long of a contract do I have to sign?
What are the hidden fees?


What kind of internet connection do I need for the IsUtility® system?
How does IsUtility® differ from a VPN?


Isn't it safer to have my data housed at the office?
How do I know IsUtility® is the safest solution?


Is performance or speed ever an issue?
How can IsUtility® guarantee my business a predictable IT budget?


Are there extra costs for "after-hours" support?
What is your response time for support?
Does this mean I don't need in house IT personnel anymore?