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Information Technology Houston - Easy Setup Process

Transitioning to a new computer system is never easy. So we've developed deployment procedures to ensure our setup process creates as little disruption to company productivity as possible.

While issues may arise while users grow accustomed to our information technology houston system, we are 100% committed to ensure a smooth transition.

* Click on each step to see how we make the transition period easier:
Step 1: Collect user information Step 2: Testing phase Step 3: Deployment

Step 1: Collect user information

To kick off the setup process, we need to know your basic organization setup. Who are the users within your company? Does your company have multiple locations? Is your company divided into departments or locations?

What software applications does your company use? Which users or departments require specialized applications? Who may access which files or folders? Answers to these questions ensure you pay only for the resources you use.

You assign a point of contact within your company to facilitate this information to us. Once the information is collected, the business owner either signs the Security Authorization or delegates another individual to finalize which individuals have the authority to make changes to the environment- such as adding/removing applications and users. This policy protects you and your data from unauthorized access.
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Step 2: Testing phase

At this point, a complete audit of your current network is conducted to rid your systems of any malicious viruses or spywareand to prep you for transition to the IsUtility® system. You continue to work on your current system(s) while we test your specifications on our system.

Our information technology houston engineers take the specified guidelines and procedures gathered from the first phase, then test and retest to make sure your applications, email, user logins and all your specifications run smoothly and compatibly on our system.

During the final step before final deployment, we ask your point of contact to log into the system to test the functionality of the requested application from your office to be absolutely certain that everything runs as it should on your end. This will verify that the applications are working and that your organization is ready to go 'live' with the rest of the company.
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Step 3: Deployment

At this stage, a formal deployment date is agreed upon for full deployment. To avoid work interruption, we recommend that this is done on a Friday giving the weekend to the deployment. All data and programs are transferred to your company's private storage area within our secure SAS 70 Type II data center where it is run through a series of quality assurance and security inspections.

When employees return on Monday, they have full access to their data and applications from anywhere, anytime. To help your company transition to the new system, your personal deployment engineer will be on site for one week or until you’re comfortable with the system. Post deployment, users have unlimited access to our 24/7 helpdesk.
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