We didn't have the expertise or resources to keep our network up-to- date with ever-growing record keeping and patient privacy regulations. With IsUtility®, I can focus on running my practice.
Irving J. Fishman MD,PA
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IsUtility® - Houston Computer Services Explained

IsUtility® Houston computer services is a proactive shift in the way IT resources are realized and used. We eliminate the need for businesses like yours to purchase, manage and support a complex IT infrastructure. Instead, we provide Houston computer services with all the resources you need for one predictable monthly fee.

IsUtility® serves as an IT department for small and mid-size organizations, including security-sensitive firms and publicly-traded organizations. Since our inception in 2000, our clients have never suffered a security breach, and have seen an instant reduction in computer-induced downtime backed by the security of our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

Why continually invest in depreciating technology or pay 'on-the-meter' support rates?

IsUtility® delivers technology resources as you need them, enabling seamless adaptability to changing market conditions – with virtually no capital investment or risk. Since everything runs on our state-of-the-art systems, issues are always resolved at our expense, before theyever affect your organization.

Eliminate the need to purchase equipment or hire support

No onsite setup or installation. We've already invested in a multi- million dollar infrastructure, so you never worry about managing IT again.

Get a scalable system that grows as you do

Monthly contract means you only pay for the IT resources you need at any given point in time. So you adapt instantly to changing conditions.

Access your office from any internet connection

Users access their data and programs from anywhere, anytime. With our offsite data backup services data physically resides in our secure datacenter and you control access at all times. read more about remote access from anywhere

Work with unlimited 24/7 support

Most problems are identified at our datacenter before they affect you. Our unlimited help desk is available 24/7 to personally assist you. read more about 24/7 remote pc support

Same familiar user experience

Users work with a familiar Windows desktop interface, allowing your employees to work more productively with minimal training.