IT (Information Technology) will deliver its greatest value when it becomes invisible to users, when it’s taken for granted.
Nicholas G. Carr, Harvard Business Review
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Reduce Financial Risk and Put more Money Back in Your Business Using Our Computer Services

When your computer system isn’t running optimally, you can’t serve your clients.

And those clients end up as easy targets for your competition.

If you permanently lost your critical business information, how long could your business survive?

How much money are you willing to waste on repairing and upgrading your in-house IT system before you start using IT to grow your business?

Our Houston IT Consulting Provides Enterprise Computer Services - without the Financial Risk

There's nearly an infinite list of ways to manage, protect and support an in-house computer system. And only a fraction of them proactively prevent IT problems or help grow your business.

Merely reacting to IT problems as they occur won’t stop the vicious cycle of continually upgrading and repairing an in-house IT system or provide the ‘payoff’ your business needs to grow.

What you need is a systematic and proactive way to prevent IT problems at a predictable price point that allows you to put more money back into your business.

So how do you realize these high impact changes? Work with a fully-managed IT solution like IsUtility®, developed by Xvand Technology , the acknowledged expert in utility computing services for Houston’s small and mid-sized business.

Our Houston IT consulting is backed by 16 years of research and proven client experience in helping our clients grow by putting capital dollars back into their business.

Many Houston businesses have already discovered that, unlike conventional, in-house IT, IsUtility delivers IT resources as a utility, removing the burden of IT ownership and delivering at least 99.9% uptime at a predictable monthly price that has enabled them to grow by as much 400%.

No servers to buy. No billable hours

Our Houston IT consulting service helps small and midsize-business executives replace the risks and capital costs of in-house servers with a Fortune-500 infrastructure and a 99.9% uptime guarantee .

IsUtility® is the result of 25 years of intense focus on developing a managed IT service that removes the risks of owning technology to reveal only the true business benefits:


    Eliminate major capital IT costs:

    Our clients assume very little IT overhead. With IsUtility®, your data runs securely on our enterprise-level infrastructure, so we assume the costs and risk of upgrading, repairing and managing it.

    Unlike conventional computer services, there is never any potential for misguided advice from vendors to buy capital-intensive equipment.

    The Financial Benefits of IsUtility® vs. in-house IT
    Expenditure type
    Capital expense Operating expense
    Operating expense
    Cash flow
    Upfront investment in servers & support
    Payments are made as the service is provided
    Financial risk
    Entire risk taking upfront with uncertain return
    Financial risk is taken monthly and is matched to return
    Income statement
    Maintenance & depreciated capital expense
    Monthly fee only
    Balance sheet
    Hardware is carried as a long-term capital asset
    Nothing appears on the balance sheet


    Improve office productivity:

    Instead of charging ‘on-the-meter’ for select technical issues, our 24/7 Houston IT support is unlimited, included in the IsUtility® service. So it’s in our best interest to resolve your issues the first time.

    Remove the obstacles to business growth:

    Our managed services remove capital-intensive IT costs and provides the scalability to deploy technology resources on an on-demand basis. This enables our clients to reduce the capital constraints that limit growth. Our per-user fee ensures that we only grow as they do. Simply put, we’ve weaved our clients’ growth objective into our business model.

    Economies of scale and skill drive IsUtility®
    Economies of scale   
    Colocation services
    On-premise solution
    Traditional outsorcing
    Economies of skill