IT (Information Technology) will deliver its greatest value when it becomes invisible to users, when it’s taken for granted.
Nicholas G. Carr, Harvard Business Review
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Thank you for your interest in IsUtility®. Below are the e-mail addresses and phone numbers for our various departments. Please e-mail questions, requests, and comments to the appropriate department.

Corporate Headquarters

Xvand Technology - Headquarters

11333 Chimney Rock Rd.
Houston, TX 77035

Main - (713) 729 - 7400
Fax - (713) 729 - 4644
E-mail - info@xvand.com

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Sales inquires

Call 832.204.4909 to speak to a salesperson

Or e-mail sales@xvand.com

Marketing/Advertising Related Queries

Call 832-204-4848 to speak with our marketing director

Or e-mail marketing@xvand.com

Press and Analyst Inquiries

e-mail pr@xvand.com

Business Development Opportunities

Call 832-204-4848 to see how IsUtility® can help develop your business

Or e-mail bizdev@xvand.com


Human Resources

Call 713-729-7400 to reach our HR Department

Or e-mail hr@xvand.com

General Inquiries

For general inquiries email info@xvand.com

Disaster Recovery

To speak to a disaster recovery specialist e-mail dr@xvand.com