Xvand made it an easier process that it would have been otherwise; they were the silver lining in this cloud [Hurricane Katrina]. Everyone's taken care of us in a truly efficient manner.
Andrew Kramer JVF Katrina Victim
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Houston Computer Services - Predictable Monthly Costs

Our industry-leading "Pay-As-You-Go" cost structure means you never pay for unused or underutilized IT software and hardware again. Costs are based upon user subscriptions and can easily be forecast without concerns about fluctuating costs or unpredictable environmental issues.

We keep up with the latest technological advancements and continually integrate them seamlessly and transparently into the network, so you work with the latest technology and services for the same predictable, monthly fee

Predictable IT Budget

- $ Customization
- $ Training
- $ Design / Testing
- $ Data Conversion
- $ Purchase
- $ Update
- $ Maintain / Testing
Virtually No Capital
- $ Recruiting
- $ Salary/ Fee
- $ HR
Unlimited 24/7
SupportTeam Of
Certified Experts
- $ Equipment Failure
- $ Security Breaches
- $ Mobility Restraints
- $ Obsolete Equipment
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
One Predictable
Monthly Fee

Grow your business seamlessly

Our Houston computer service simplifies the task of integrating new users and technology with your growing businesses - especially with complex expansion or merging projects when headcount is increased or decreased. You pay only for those users on the system, and as headcount fluctuates, costs are adjusted accordingly.

New employees are deployed faster and are never left waiting for new equipment to be installed and setup, thus drastically reducing your total IT operating costs while increasing the technological capabilities of your business.