We didn't have the expertise or resources to keep our network up-to- date with ever-growing record keeping and patient privacy regulations. With IsUtility®, I can focus on running my practice.
Irving J. Fishman MD,PA
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Houston Computer Services Case Studies: Medical Services

Health Associates
Provider of healthcare management and benefits administration consulting services.
As a service provider to healthcare practices in five states, Health Associates, Inc. must continuously keep abreast of the latest patient privacy government regulations, and structure its own record keeping system to create a secure environment for its clients. Maintaining a stable and secure computer system is a crucial and decisive factor for its clients and prospective customers.
Irving J. Fishman MD, PA
Board Certified Urologist, clinical practice at the medical center in Houston, Texas
After years of continually investing time and resources in their internally-managed computer network, office manager Miriam Fishman and her staff were ready for a change. The greater part of workdays was occupied with tasks entirely unrelated to patient care. Their practice management system ran on outdated equipment, which resulted in numerous outages and inordinate computer downtime – causing the practice to regularly lose new patients. Experts and consultants were called upon to solve problems that rarely resulted in a permanent solution. Advancements in technology were not possible due to the lack of availability caused by server crashes.