I can't imagine growing as rapidly as we have without Utility®. We've realized new technological and strategic advantages over the competition, and I ever worry about security, backups, or maintaining my system anymore.
Kamran Sassoon, President Centage Corporation
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How We Scaled Our IT Costs and Saved Thousands in Productivity - By Moody Rambin

After experiencing IT problems that caused ‘tens of thousands’ in lost productivity, Moody Rambin Interests, Houston's largest locally-owned,Summary of Benefits commercial real estate brokerage firm hired IsUtility®. The follwing case study - written by employees at Moody Rambin - illustrates the results. Moody Case Study PDF

The Challenge

Our [previous] network was not in a secure enviroment physically or from viruses, hack- ers and the like. We owned our servers and were constantly having to address other issues that caused us tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity. The frustration level was intolerable. Another IT provider was offering solutions that were very costly and did not address our philosophy of being in the real estate business - not the IT business. We worked with several IT vendors, from small shops to fully-staffed help desks. Typically they would work well in the beginning but after a while it would feel like we were right back where we started. This has not happened with Xvand.

The Goal

We have building porters that only require an email account and real power users that require heavy graphics and accounting programs. Our company has several locations in Houston and access the network remotely. Our servers were not well managed and were crashing two or three times a week. It was critical that we move to a stable system with the ability to customize for each user.

The Results

They bring so much to the table, it is hard to pinpoint one or two things. The peace of mind that you have nightly backups and a secure environment is huge. They really raise the bar to the next level, and are always working to improve their network and processes. We work in a secure, stable environment saving us lost productivity/revenue. We are now more proactive in the management of our network and less reactive. We know what it is going to cost up front, and spend less because we don’t have to purchase the [servers or the Microsft] licenses. They manage the updates and troubleshoot all of the problems.