Taking a Picture of Your Computer Screen (Printscreen)

by Yehuda Cagen 29. September 2010 07:18

Have you ever wanted to send a picture of your screen via email or inserted in a document and you just didn’t know how?


Did you receive an error message that was long and you didn’t want to write the entire thing down to remember it?


Wouldn’t it be great to take a picture of an error message and send it within an email to the helpdesk?  


You can. With the Print “Screen Function”


If you desire the entire screen shot:

·         Select the Print Screen key on your keyboard, sometimes you may have to use Ctrl-Print Screen.

This acts as a copy function, taking a picture of the screen.


If you only want the “active” or “front” window on your screen:

·         Press and hold the ALT key and then hit the Print Screen key.


This will save you time and it is a great way to show someone what you are seeing instead of explaining it.



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